Monday, January 18, 2010

It all comes down to D-Day...

Well there were no improvements over the weekend. The only change was that Ken and I are now sick and that Isaac slept even worse. We are still tired. Today he napped OK in the morning but the afternoon nap was a whopping 30 min! He did sleep in the car and stayed asleep for another 30 min at home in the carseat, but he was ready to crash at 6pm.

Today was his appointment with our ND. Basically she said his intestinal tract got effed up during his Delivery Day. All the antibiotics I got during the c-section, plus the lack of breastmilk for the first 24 hours, plus the antibiotics in the breastmilk once he was nursing, all added up to equal reflux and a sensitive, gassy, food-intolerant intestinal tract. Poor little fella. The good news is that we can do something to help:

- Big time probiotics. Triple the dose I had been giving him so far. Helps with restoring the intestinal tract's flora and to reduce gassiness and sensitivity to foods. He should take these until he is at least 1 year old. She said it's also important to prevent him getting asthma later on in childhood (as he is already at risk).
- Fish oil high in EPA (lots of Omega-3 fatty acids). This is an anti-inflammatory and will help with his rash, his eczema and his bronchiolitis. Plus, it's good for the brain, body and all sorts of other stuff. The good thing is he can have this directly now, so he will get maximum benefit.
- Vitamin D. Also triple the dose he was getting. Immune booster and will help with his eczema too.
- Vitamin C. This he will get in a multivitamin powder and through breastmilk (I have to take 3000mg/day).
-Echinacea. Also an immune booster and antiviral. He can take this directly too and it will help get rid of his cough and cold.
-Clover cream. For the eczema on his face.

Oh and yeah, she confirmed what I suspected, he does have a sensitivity to something he's eaten. Most likely it's the bread he had, but to be on the safe side she said we should stop all solids for 3 weeks while the probiotics build up his intestinal flora. I asked if it was OK for him to have something (Isaac loves to eat, he will miss munching), and she said it would be OK if he has veggies (sweet potatoes are best) and fruits (bananas and apples mostly). And, I have to stop wheat and dairy (she said it was OK if I had it a couple times a week, but not everyday. I will surely miss my cheese!). I was very pleased with the visit. Now I just have to stick to the program and religiously ensure he gets all his "stuff" everyday.

I don't have any expectations for tonight. I feel like crap and I know Isaac does too. I just hope we get some rest and tomorrow will be another day...


  1. Oh Kat, I am so sorry to read this. I am glad that you have answers and hope all goes well. I truly hope you all get a good night's sleep. It's tough when you don't get a decent nights sleep (or are lacking several nights sleep).

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