Sunday, January 17, 2010

Killing me softly with his...

...crappy sleep...

I am tired. I get an average of about 5 broken up hours of sleep a night. Some days, if I am smart and go to bed early, I get close to 6-6.5. I am a girl that needs at least 8 to feel rested. After 6 months, it's taking it's toll. I have fervently read The No Cry Sleep Solution for the 3rd time, in hopes that I can find something, anything to make Isaac sleep better. Deep down I know that he probably needs to start sleeping in his own room. I am sure he wakes up because he hears noise when we come up to bed. But he has been waking up so much during the night, I shudder to think how much worse my nights would be if I have to get out of my warm bed and walk down the hall a million times a night. Plus, we are going away next month and while we are gone he will be sleeping in a crib in our room, so even if we made some progress now, it would all go down the drain next month. For now we are sticking to our current routine of crib in our room and if the wake-ups get too crazy, bringing him into bed. But even with co-sleeping he is restless and wiggly. Some nights I just can't win. Well, to be fair, he is sick and has been for a long time. Maybe if he was actually illness-free he would sleep better. I did read some helpful tidbits in the above mentioned book that should help (and as the title implies, they all require zero amount of crying. Well, parent-induced crying, i.e. laying him down and leaving the room. If he wants to cry while I am holding him then that's OK, at least I'm there for him). Well last night at around 2am, after I nursed him in bed, I scooted myself way over, and actually got him to sleep a stretch of 3 hours last night!!! The other thing I will be working on is getting him to fall asleep in his crib. Not too long ago, he was doing this really well, but with him getting sick and getting extra fussy, it went down the crapshoot. Anyways, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it's just so darn far away I can't really see it.


  1. Hope you can start getting more sleep soon.

  2. Oh sorry I mean your little boy :)

  3. This scares me. I hope my baby will do well in his sleep.After this stage.

    Good luck.I hope your girl gets better in sleeping.


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