Friday, May 14, 2010

Being Tested...

The last few days have been rough.

Isaac is not sleeping well...again. This is especially hard to accept because he had been doing so well up until he started getting those 3 teeth. Plus, I think he might be getting sick again. And to top it all off, he is waking up extremely 6am (or 5:50am some days) I am barely functional.

Maddie is unfortunately getting woken up by her little brother as well. So she can be tired and cranky in the morning. Making it to afternoon nap time has been difficult.

But then the worst part is that when we do make it to nap time, they don't always have a good nap! This definitely does not help matters. And well, I don't get to have a rest either. Oh and I'm sick again...or still...I have been coughing for weeks and now my sinuses are plugged up again.

I could nap in the morning as my mom has been coming over on some days, but I have so much to do, I just use the time she's here to get it done....counting on the afternoon nap, but that hasn't been working out too well.

I was a not-so-very-nice mommy yesterday....I lost my patience on a couple of occasions and raised my voice. There is nothing worse than seeing your kiddos' hearts breaking. Needless to say, they were both covered in hugs and kisses for the rest of the day.

But today, at 6:00am, they were both so cheerful and happy. I resolved to just go with the flow.

This too will pass. Hopefully quickly.

Well, I better drag my tired old self to the grocery store while my mom is here. I have lots of stuff to get for Maddie's birthday party this weekend!

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  1. Hope Isaac is feeling better. Teething really messes with sleeping. We miserable for about 10 days but it does get better!


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