Saturday, November 27, 2010

The day {of today}

I love weekends. Even though they are often more hectic that our regular weekdays, there's lots of fun to be had.

I the morning, after our traditional weekend morning waffle breakfast, we accompanied Ken to the hospital as he had to check on his surgery patients from yesterday. There is a huge sea water fish tank there and the kiddos loved watching the fish. The clown fish was unable to swim, he was laying on the bottom of the tank and would swish his little fins every now and again to no avail . I hope it's OK.

Then we went to the farmer's market. It was a bustling adventure as always. Today's favorite purchases were dill infused havarti and delish apple cider. Then we went to the playground to burn off energy. The kiddos had a great time even though everything was pretty wet. After lunch we all had a nap. Maddie asked me ever so sweetly if I could please, please have a nap with her in her bed. We don't do this often as she doesn't sleep well if I'm there, but I thought it would be a nice little treat for her {and me} to snuggle. We did fall asleep easily, but then she started squirming and wiggling and eventually woke up much sooner than she normally does. I kept "sleeping" but eventually she started touching my face and hair and it was wake up time. Then I cleaned the bathrooms {oh fun!} and then we headed over to our friends' place. My friend and I had planned to go out, so we did, and the Daddy's stayed with the kiddos. It was fun. I love a girls' night out. We get to talk about stuff our hubby's often don't care to listen to. Besides the lackluster service, dinner was delish. The restaurant has a 'support local' philosophy, using locally grown veggies and meats, which always makes me happy. I actually ran into the farmer we buy our beef from. He was there enjoying the food, which came from his farm. And, I found out tonight that brussel sprouts can actually taste good. Who would have thought? Maybe next week I will actually get some at the market. Maybe.

Now I am ready to pass out on my comfy bed. And hopefully get a good night's rest for another busy day tomorrow. I am planning to take Maddie to watch Tangled tomorrow afternoon. But first we have a lot of chores to get done, and hopefully get a little nap too. Can you tell I love naps?

Buenas noches!

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