Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy {Tired} Not-So-Little Bee

I've been so bad at blogging recently and I am so sorry! I always find myself thinking "Oh I would love to blog about this..or that...and this...and that..." And then time gets away from me and I don't. This last week Ken was gone and I got to once again enjoy the role of being a solo parent. For the most part is was fine. But....I do have a ginormous belly that makes doing anything quite the ordeal. Even giving the kiddos a bath every night was hard. Picking up a slippery 23 month old boy with a huge pregnant belly sticking out of my front was surprisingly hard and exhausting. Add to it the fact that this week was probably the busiest week I've ever had, what with appointments and activities, classes and birthday parties...yikes. Needless to say, I was emotionally and physically exhausted by the end of the day. I am beyond happy Ken is home again! The busy-ness of our life is the same, and I still do everything I've always done...but just the fact that I have a partner to help out is a welcome relief. Plus having another adult to interact with and hang out with after the kiddos are asleep is nice. It sure can get lonesome in those night hours.

Anyways, for some updates...

I've been going to the chiropractor and I have been noticing great improvement. Although I am still sore at times, it's definitely not as bad but most important not getting worse! The only con is that I have to go twice a week so it's tricky to fit stuff in time-wise. But family has been super helpful with the kiddos and I've been able to do fine getting to the appointments. After this initial period of adjustments we can then move on to weekly or biweekly appointments.

I had an U/S this last Wednesday. We got to see baby girl and she is so cute! It's been about 11 weeks since we've seen her on U/S. The nurse even did a bit of a 4D scan and it was amazing to see her! She looks adorable! She was doing some kind of dance with her little hands...waving them back and forth in front of her face. The kiddos and my mom came with me too so they loved seeing her. Everything is looking great. My OB wanted to check the thickness of my uterus in the area where the scar is and it looks nice and thick (one less thing my OB has to worry about with me having a VBAC!!!). My cervix is also nice and long and closed tight like a fortress. And she is head down. The only thing that was off is that I have a tad bit too much amniotic fluid. It is most likely not anything to worry about, but I have to be monitored weekly by U/S. Apparently it can be a risk factor for preterm birth...and we don't want one of those again if we can avoid it! My OB also asked me to have a Glucose Tolerance Test done (the 3 hour one) because high fluid may be linked to Gestational Diabetes. I honestly don't think that is the problem as I have not had any indication of this at all and all my bloodwork and urine checks have not raised any flags. Part of me wants to skip the test...the other part says, "Just do it"...

With this new development I have come to the realization that the Universe might be trying to tell me something. I think it's telling me to "Stop pushing so hard against your perceived notion of the medical system." I have been trying so hard to find my place in this world where I want to have a Natural, Medication-Intervention-Free birth and having to do this within the Medical Hospital environment. My OB is supportive of doing a VBAC, but she is an OB and she may not be the OB on call when I go into labour. And I have been feeling uneasy about having to labour in hospital, with extra watchful eyes on me. But after the new thing...I just found this peace around it all. I know I am doing my best to have the birth experience I desire, but I also know there are things I need to accept. Like the fact that I am going to be labouring and giving birth in a hospital and I will most likely need continuous monitoring and to have an IV. I also have to accept that not everyone is going to be against my wishes for a VBAC and medication-free birth. I need to begin to see that there are going to be people around who want me to have that experience, so I don't loose out on the opportunities to take them up on that! I'm also going to have a doula at my birth and I know that will help tremendously. I think choosing to accept these things will align it all and actually be the way to get what a I want...if I fight against something, it only becomes more difficult and resistant.

Well that has been what's going on with me lately. This week is going to be busy too but at least I am not missing my other half!

Here are the 3D pics of baby girl...

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  1. Glad to hear! I think you'll find this is a better place to approach birth from. I also hope you encounter those same people that I did when I was vbac'ing! Did I ever tell you about Emily's birth?? Apparently there were two of us VBACers on the unit. Every nurse who came in was SO supportive and said they were all cheering the two of us on at the nursing station. Doc's were supportive too. The one doc I was nervous of having, turned out be the key factor in my actually having my VBAC both times! :) Think positive & let go as best you can. I know it's hard to get to that point... I've been there, twice. ;)
    Love, T ((hugs))


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